snow, glaciers and ice sheets products and services

Sentinel-1 InSAR: Development of Tools for Interferometric Processing of Sentinel-1 TOPS Mode data for Ground Motion Monitoring (FFG/BMVIT)

AIS CCI: Antarctic Ice Sheet CCI (ESA), ""

Glaciers CCI: Glaciers CCI (ESA), ""

GIS CCI: Greenland Ice Sheet CCI (ESA), ""

GlacAPI: Glacier Response to Climate Change on the Antarctic PenInsula (ESA)

SynSent: Synergistic Use of Sentinel Missions for Monitoring Cryosphere and Surface Deformation (FFG/BMVIT)


GLAERE: Glaciers as Arctic Ecosystem Refugia (Polish-Norwegian Research Program)

SAMBA: SAR Algorithms for Mass Balance and Dynamics of Calving Glaciers (ESA), ""

IIV: Iceland Ice Velocity (ENVEO)

Cryotop Evolution: STSE CryoSat+ CryoTop Evolution (ESA), ""

4DAnt: 4D Antarctica (ESA), ""

Union-Glacier: Union-Glacier (ENVEO)